I am a photographer, because it is my profession, my hobby, my means of self-expression, my chance to make my mark on the world, and my way of making people smile. ☺

My name is Adrienn Orkenyi. It is my fourth year working as a photographer, and by this time, my personal style has taken shape. The key is diversity, which is reflected in all my photoshoots. The reason for this diversity is the fact that people are different in so many ways. We take interest in a variety of topics, we form different opinions of others and ourselves, not to mention the stories which are reflected in our eyes.

Still, what is constant is me, my vision, my thoughts, my sarcasm, and my intent to publish honest images. I have an insatiable desire to experiment, and to create something unique. I urge to make you think by highlighting aspects of our everyday lives which may otherwise escape our attention.

+36 (30) 207 9656