Pain, anger, loneliness, realization, admission, letting go, grief, tackling vulnerability, standing up and moving on. These feelings must be familiar to all of you – you are probably going through one of the phases right now, just as I am…

My psychologist says there is a very specific pattern in how I cope with my problems. At first, I am reluctant to face them head-on. Then I go through a heart-breaking internal struggle with myself for weeks, until I am able to process my problems and let them go in the form of a project. That’s right, I have been experiencing/enjoying the beneficial effects of art therapy for years, and I encourage you all to find your own means of self-expression.

2017 was a year for these revelations and changes. I had to accept that some people can only be part of certain stages of our lives. My project, titled Farewell, aims to explore the feelings enumerated at the beginning of my post.

Neither my choice of location (the train graveyard), nor the alternating colours of the dresses was accidental – as you may have already guessed. 🙂 Each of these elements were intended to emphasize the image of the floundering ballerina on an emotional rollercoaster. The internal evolution, which allows her to choose a new path, a ‘new train’. A path she can follow with easy, looking into the future full of hope.

ballerina Szeregnyi Zsófia
stylist Otto Horvath Stylist
makeup artist Szabó Melinda – Makeup For Love
hairstylist Vogl Borcsa Hair Stylist
concept Örkényi Adri – fotós

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