’I had been following Adri’s photos on Facebook for months. I fell in love with the atmosphere and imagery of her photos at once; I knew she would know what I wanted. And so she did. I had been feeling that I needed to boost my self-confidence and self-esteem, as my life had been very stressful and demanding lately. I wanted to see myself beautiful and good enough again, and a photoshoot seemed like the perfect means. I had expected to find fulfilment when seeing the finished photos for the first time, but I was wrong. On the day of the shoot I woke up as a new person, I felt gorgeous and happy thanks Adri and the team. Of course, the photos turned out perfect, and any time I look at them, I remember that I should value myself the way I am.’ (Timi)

‘I love her because she is cheerful, creative, accepting and open-minded – she feels it, she knows it, and last but not least, she is a professional. Thank you for our wonderful photos, Adri! You gave us a present of a lifetime!’ (Évi)

‘You took beautiful photos of me when my daughter was in my belly. Thank you for everything, we are eternally grateful, and the atmosphere at the shoot was also wonderful/magical ☺ Luca is soon 1 years old – I cannot wait for you to photograph her “Adri-style.”’ (Merci)

‘I loved every moment of the time spent with Adri! There are no impossible requests or concepts for her, she is creative and unique. If I were to have another photoshoot in the future, without doubt I would want to work with her again!’ (Katinka)

‘I cannot be grateful enough to Adri for the wonderful photos. Professionalism, kindness and talent… Thanks a million!!’ (Cintia)

‘Before even meeting me, you understood who I really was, and you later captured it on photographs – thank you! (And you let me be myself on the photos!) I got much more from you guys than a simple photoshoot… Thank you :D’ (Dóra)

‘I really love Adri’s photos. Her work is professional, and so is her attitude. I am very lucky, because she has been capturing our expanding family since my first pregnancy, and her gorgeous photos adorn our apartment. Thank you for your hard-work! I wholeheartedly recommend you to everyone!’ (Dóri)

‘I would recommend Adri to everyone – she assisted every moment of the photoshoot with humour, kindness and endless patience. Every woman needs words of appreciation, and I had never received as many compliments as last week. Adri did a great job, her photos speak for themselves… ☺’ (Judit)

‘Adri takes amazing photos, and her personality creates a delightful atmosphere during the shoot. I would absolutely recommend her to everyone!!!!! ☺’ (Evelin)