First you simply avoid difficult situations, soon you realize that your couch is the safest haven in this terrifying world. Panic disorder is not hysteria. It affects more people than we would imagine. ProjectLIBERATION was born with the help of Erika Vasas, the stunning dancer who, echoing my state of mind, depicts the depths of my illness and the euphory of recovery. I wish to raise awareness of this difficult issue. I would like for the positive message to reach many of you, and for you to be able to discuss this topic.

Having beaten panic disorder, it is my duty to share the experiences from this time in my life.

To do so, I have turned to the art form which was my refuge in the darkest periods of my illness, and which often reveals more about me than words ever could.

This photoshoot was the celebration of recovery, life and possibilities on the second anniversary of my being diagnosed.