The Delusion Game_ november 2018 exhibition

I imagine all of us have been or will sooner or later be in a relationship with someone suffering from narcissistic personality disorder, may it be a short- or a long-term one. Emotional turmoil, instability, pathological attachment, emotional abuse, glorification-devaluation, fear, detachment, excuses and pleading, resignation, loss of identity, looking for a way out, a never-ending roller coaster, until you can finally say no, to save yourself.


So I took this topic, lifted it into theatre settings and shot it – the tragedy of love – with two ballet artists of the Hungarian State Opera. To raise awareness of this more and more common phenomenon. To give us a chance to discuss our options, so that as ‘victims’ we do not accept our situation and do not get stuck in such a relationship, after making sure that the other person is not willing to change, not even with the help of therapy.