The perfect storm hit 4 days before Christmas

8 days before Christmas, Tomi told me were moving in together.

4 days before Christmas I learnt that in a month I was to put on an exhibition in Deák Palota.


It was lucky we did our photoshoot with Eszter in October.

If 4 months ago someone had told me this would be happening, they’d have cracked me up. But there was no time to muse on the past, it was time to put together a poster. Write an intro about myself. And things like:

“orkenyiadri turns thirty-three four days before this exhibition opens.
She is a photographer.
She wasn’t one four years ago.
She graduated in Humanities and Political Science, but she got a camera. And a panic
One is gone, the other has resulted in this exhibition.
Like in her previous work, dancers portray her deepest, most intimate processes. She takes
nudes of the soul without any nudity in her photos.
orkenyiadri is on a journey. When she makes a stop, she has an exhibition so that others can
also see where she is. She is not ashamed of these snapshots; she is proud, because each stop
is a stage in the life of a girl – a woman.
As influenced by non-existent chance encounters.”

We managed to do everything during the holidays, thank you, Anett, for binging on graphics under the Christmas tree. At the same time there was lots to celebrate, we popped a fair amount of bubbly, and started each day with a double espresso. We contacted our first sponsors in this spirit. Zoli, the representative of Taittinger and the owner of Bor és Más, said yes right away, and so did Gergő, master of the La Marzocco espresso machine. The project’s main sponsor is Barnes International Realty, a team I frequently work with, and whose CEO, Zoli, happens to be a good friend of mine.

God, aren’t they just great! So is Péter from Netprinter, with whom the team was complete. Well, almost. How could a girl open an exhibition without the appropriate, or rather the coolest ever dress? Bogi Bódis from Elysian will for sure help me look my very best.

The beginning of January was all about checking out the venue, making arrangements, paperwork, touch-up and choosing the right sizes for the photos. All this wouldn’t have been possible without my manager, Deni, and my mentor, Gergő – a huuuge thanks to you guys for ‘always’ and ‘a lot’! E-mails and phone calls continued to go back and fourth. Oh, in the meantime I moved, kisses to the family for everything from the new place.

The last week arrived, and we spent it cataloguing, as the ultimate goal is, of course, to sell my earlier and latest works. For further photos, info and prices, contact me at, it’s all up for grabs.

I am writing this post 1 week before the opening, the final sprint is coming, all my thoughts revolve around the exhibition, and I am only hoping it will be as magical as we imagined with Tomi. Thank you for standing beside me as a writer, a creative professional, a companion who helps me think and a man who cares for me, which allows me to feel even freer.

Thank you all for coming, it was great fun! (Right?)

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